Sean Smith | Family
The digital profile of Sean Smith. He is a Pastor in Arizona with more than 20 years of leadership experience and a passion for communicating the message of Christ. He and his family live in Avondale Arizona and are currently involved in ministry in the valley. He is a gifted teacher and an extremely creative thinker.
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Sean and Shelley

We met when I was a Freshman and Shelley was a Sophomore at Pacific Christian College.  After dating for nearly 4 years we were married at Central Christian Church in Mesa, AZ.  We have been married for 21 years and have spent nearly all of those in ministry in Arizona.  It has been an incredible journey and we are excited to see what the next 21 years brings.

Allison Smith

Allison is 16 years old and is a passionate lover of music.  She is the official DJ for all of the “Smith Family Dance Parties” (which happen often)!  She enjoys reading and loves the beach.  She is currently trying to decide which college she is going to get scholarships for!

Kate Smith

Kate is 15 and glad to have finally gotten her braces taken off.  She is an incredible artist and loves to create custom handwritten typography.  She has a store where you can buy some of her custom cards:  She also loves to play volleyball and is excited to get her drivers license soon.

Emily Smith

Emily is 14 and she loves to read.  I mean she really loves to read, she gets excited about a 15 hour car ride because she can read 2 books!  She loves to play volleyball and doesn’t like to wear dresses.  She is extremely bright and we are counting on her to be able to support us all today with one of her business ideas.

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